SB 9 - Update from the Capitol

Last week was the final week to hear bills in committee, which means the session is moving mainly to floor votes and then the eventual work on the state budget.

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SB 8 - Update from the Capitol

Another quiet week at the capitol last week, with only a few dozen bills debated and voted on from the floor. Know what this means? It’s budget time!

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SB 7 - Update from the Capitol

A quieter week at the capitol last week, compared to most. I’m not expecting it to stay that way, however – this week should be a return to normal, with several controversial bills rumored to make their return.

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SB 6 - Update from the Capitol

Another busy week at the state capitol last week, as we started hearing House bills in committee for the first time. We are also still voting on Senate bills on the floor so we can send them over to the House for consideration.

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SB 5 - Update from the Capitol

Last week was definitely the busiest of the session so far – Wednesday and Thursday featured morning AND afternoon floor sessions, along with multiple caucus meetings throughout the week. There were several days where I was literally going from meeting to meeting with little time to think between appointments. The life of a legislator!

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SB 4 - Update from the Capitol

Interesting week at the Capitol this past week – Friday was the deadline to hear bills in committee from the chamber they originated from, so each of my committee hearings were quite long. Monday’s Commerce and Public Safety Committee went until about 7:40pm, and Wednesday’s Senate Finance Committee went four and a half hours.

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SB 3 Update from the Capitol

Things are starting to heat up at the state capitol. I came into the office yesterday to get ahead of what is going to be a jam packed schedule – this week is the deadline for Senate bills to be heard in Senate committee hearings. For example, today’s Commerce and Public Safety committee is hearing eighteen bills!

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SB 2 Update from the Capitol

Another jam packed week at the capitol! Things are starting to ramp up, as more bills get heard and we vote on the final version of bills on the Senate floor.

We are starting to get into the period where some of the controversial bills get heard for the first time – bills dealing with things like vouchers, guns in public buildings, and making the theft of an American flag a felony (yes, that is a bill we heard last week!)

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SB 1 - Update from the Capitol

Greetings! Today marks three weeks since I was sworn in to represent LD18 in the State Senate. Consider this the first of what I hope will be weekly updates from yours truly about how the legislative session is progressing. 

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New Year, New Beginnings

Before I am sworn in tomorrow as LD18's next state senator, I wanted to say thank you one last time. Your support and hard work helped us make history, and for that I am forever grateful.

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