Big Deadline Tonight at Midnight - Can You Help?

It's crunch time. There are only 50 DAYS left until Election Day. Ballots are going out in three weeks!

Today also marks the final day of the reporting period - a crucial test to show how strong our campaign is heading into the home stretch.


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An Open State Senate Seat in the Most Competitive District in Arizona

Did you hear the exciting news?

After last night’s primary results, we now have an OPEN state senate race in the most competitive legislative district in Arizona. This is a game changer for our race, and increases the chances of a Democratic state senate for the first time in over 25 years.

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Important Deadline Coming Up Tomorrow - Can You Help?

The final contribution deadline before the general election begins is tomorrow. With less than two months to go until early ballots drop, we’re working hard every day to win this campaign and turn the Arizona State Senate blue.

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514. That's the number of doors I knocked on last week alone.

I'm doing everything I can to win this race and help us win a majority in the state senate. Winning this race gets us a seat at the table, and will impact the lives of millions of Arizonans.

But I can't do it by myself. Making a donation today will allow us to reach more voters and put victory in sight.

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The Trump Effect

The Washington Post featured an article over the weekend on the exciting things happening in Arizona this year. Thanks to Donald Trump, Arizona is in play in the presidential race.

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Why this Campaign Matters to Every Single Arizonan

A renewed commitment to restoring education funding. A 21st-century approach to revitalizing our economy. An Employment Non-Discrimination Act, so our LGBT friends don’t have to worry about losing their jobs because of who they love.

These are just a few of the policies that are possible if we win this campaign and get one seat closer to a bipartisan state senate.

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Breaking News: We're on the Ballot!

You heard it here first: I am filing my petitions with the Secretary of State’s office later today, and will officially be the Democratic candidate for the State Senate in LD18, the most competitive district in Arizona!

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Statement on the Success of Prop 123

Prop 123 is a first step to funding education; Arizona’s State Legislature needs to take a second step

PHOENIX – Sean Bowie, candidate for State Senate in Legislative District 18, released the following statement in regards to the success of Prop 123:

“The success of Prop 123 shows that education is a priority for Arizonans. I agree with the majority of voters that investing in education is investing in our future.

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My Opponent Turns His Back on Arizona Kids, Refuses to Vote on KidsCare Restoration

I've seen a lot in Arizona politics over the years. But I have never seen anything quite this brazen.

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They Say It's My Birthday

It's my birthday today. I don't usually celebrate my big day, but there is so much to be excited about with our campaign that I couldn't help myself.

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