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  • Brian szejn
    commented 2019-10-10 13:21:01 -0700
    Sean Bowie please address fence along liberty lane . Stan up for us. It seems adot gives the residents toung and cheek answers. I have lived off liberty and 18th way for almost 25 years . Adot does not respect anything that we voice. Thanks Brian Szejn
  • Kate Lakritz
    commented 2019-09-23 14:12:18 -0700
    Good afternoon Senator Bowie,

    I know you’ve been bombarded by emails regarding the hideous chain link fence that runs through our beautiful neighborhood in the Foothills. We’ve just heard that you’ll be touring the area near 10th & Liberty Lane tomorrow morning. If at all possible, could you also ride along the area of Liberty Lane between the YMCA and 24th Street? We live off of 15th and Liberty Lane, in a beautiful section of Ahwatukee. Seeing this hideous chain link fence reminds us of the NJ/NY ghettos we “thought” we left behind when we moved to AZ two years ago.

    I’d like to propose that if ADOT won’t / can’t replace this fence with something more suitable to our beautiful landscape here in the Foothills, that maybe some of the boulders & rocks that were dug up to construct the new 202 be used to landscape around the fence? Also, adding some beautiful trees & flowering bushes may help appease our neighbors!?

    We love our neighborhood and hope that you’ll have some options to help make us feel better about working together w/ this extensive ADOT project.

    Thank you for your time & attention.

    Dr. and Mrs. Howard Lakritz

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