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  • Kenneth Kenegos
    commented 2018-10-16 14:27:10 -0700
    I am part of a group that just completed an analysis of Arizona state healthcare costs and how they would be affected by Medicare for All. Is there an email address we can use to send you our findings?
  • ArizonaBacks TheBlue
    commented 2018-10-13 19:22:22 -0700
    DPS Sworn Staff/ Safety Risk for AZ

    Please take 7 minutes of your time to watch the attached YouTube video presentation regarding DPS Troopers, Sergeants and Captains Pay and how this is creating a huge safety risk for ALL Arizona.

    DPS sworn staff are down as much as 50% in rural areas from the staff they had in 2010.

    They have not received any pay raises since before 2010.

    DPS is paying over $120k to train 1 new Trooper and they are leaving to make 20% more at other Phoenix area Police agencies within the first few years with DPS.

    The State of Arizona is waiting over 9.6 million dollars a year training new Troopers due to the fact that DPS Sworn Staff (Troopers, Sergeants and Captains) are paid 20% less than other Phoenix Area Police Departments. This is BASE pay difference.

    Troopers are having to cover 400 miles in some areas with only 2-3 Troopers on duty.

    This is a huge safety risk for Arizona.

    We are looking to you to fight for DPS Troopers, Sergeants and Captains to be paid the average of Phoenix area Police Departments. This was they can compete and fill DPS with highly qualified Troopers, Sergeants and Captains.

    Who fights for our DPS Sworn staff?

    Who fights for Arizona’s safety?

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