A Proven Record of Putting our Community First!


Named Most Bipartisan Member of the Arizona State Senate in 2017 - Arizona Capitol Times 

Champion of Public Education Award - Arizona School Boards Association

A Rating and Friend of Public Education Award - Arizona School Boards Association

A Rating and Friend of Small Businesses Award - East Valley Chamber of Commerce

Economic Development Champion Award - Arizona Association for Economic Development

Legislative Arts Champion Award - Arizona Citizens for the Arts

Tech Champion Award - Arizona Technology Council


"Pragmatism, not Ideology or Party, Guides Senator Sean Bowie" - Arizona Capitol Times

"Senator Bowie has been a tireless advocate for firefighters in the state senate. His bipartisan leadership on public safety issues has been noticed and recognized by our members. We enthusiastically support his campaign for re-election, and look forward to working with him in the years ahead." - Professional Firefighters of Arizona

"The Arizona Chamber of Commerce proudly supports Sean Bowie for State Senate as an advocate committed to making Arizona economically competitive to create great jobs and move the state forward." - Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry

"Senator Bowie has proven to be an advocate for business. His bipartisan approach to legislating and budgeting has made him one of the most effective members of the Senate." - Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce

"Senator Bowie has shown he understands the importance of a strong business environment in this state and was instrumental in helping businesses, not only in his district, but across Arizona." - Arizona Technology Council

"Over the last two years as a state senator, Sean has worked hard to restore education funding, strengthen our schools, and reach across the aisle to work in a bipartisan way." - Stand for Children


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