A Proven Record of Supporting our Public Schools and Communities

As we move into fall, I'm spending more and more time talking to voters in my district about the work we did at the legislature this year. My message to the hundreds of voters I talk to each week: I've worked hard to support our local public schools and communities.

It's why I earned a 100% voting record supporting our public schools and a "Friend of Public Education" award from the Arizona School Boards Association. From speaking out against voucher expansion, to supporting our teachers and helping defeat bad education bills in the Senate, my record is clear.

It's why I earned a "Friend of Cities and Towns" award from the Arizona League of Cities and Towns last month. From opposing bills aimed at weakening the initiative process to supporting local control for our cities and school boards, my record is clear.

My right-wing opponents are going to do everything they can to take this seat back, and advance their agenda of gutting our public schools and making it harder for citizens to have their voices heard. I need your help TODAY to help us raise the funds we need to take our message to voters.

You know how hard I work - but I can't do it alone. Show your support today to help us heading into 2018.

Yours in the fight, 


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