Eight Days a Week

Some big news: starting next week, I am going to be knocking on doors every single day to talk to voters throughout my district.

That’s seven (almost eight) days a week. Other than a short break around Christmas, I won’t be stopping until Election Day next November.

Show your support today – every donation gets us closer to our goal!

This race is too important to the future of our state for me to commit to anything less. As the most competitive Senate race in Arizona, I am determined to work hard for every single vote. With the state Senate up for grabs next fall, this race may very well determine who has a seat at the table at the capitol.

We have an important fundraising deadline coming up on December 31st. This is the best time to donate to the campaign, as your support will help us reach our 2015 goal.

I can’t do this without you. I’m working hard every day to win this campaign, and I need your support now more than ever. Please consider making a donation today!


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