It's Official: I'm Running for Re-Election

Eight months ago, we made history.


We won the LD18 Senate seat for the first time, focused on a positive message of restoring education funding and bringing bipartisanship to the state capitol. This past legislative session, I helped lead the fight to support our teachers and our schools.

Show your support today as we get ready for 2018!

There is still so much work left to do. Our teachers deserve a raise of more than 1%. Our state still ranks 49th in the country in K-12 investment. We have still cut more from our universities than any state in the country since 2008. And a voucher bill threatens to further harm our outstanding public school districts in LD18.

That's why I'm announcing my re-election campaign today, a year and a half away from election day. Why so early? Because I know my opponents will do everything in their power to win this seat back, and take us backwards. I've heard more than half a million dollars will be spent to defeat me - and if they are successful, they will work to remove the cap from the voucher bill and continue to privatize our education system.

I need your help. I'm already knocking on doors and raising the funds we'll need to hold on to this seat, but I can't do it alone. As hard as we worked to win this seat last year, we'll need to work twice as hard this year and next to defend it.

Please consider making a contribution today - I'm working hard every day to help us protect the gains we made last year.

Yours in the fight,


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