The Fight for LGBT Equality Continues And My Opponent Is on the Wrong Side

Last Friday’s Supreme Court ruling delivered the news that many of us have been waiting for: full marriage equality nationwide. It was a landmark day, and while the ruling is worthy of celebration, it is only the beginning in the fight for full equality for our LGBT friends in all facets of their lives.

Donate today – I will fight for full LGBT equality and an Employment Non-Discrimination Act in the State Senate.

There are many issues where my opponent and I stand in stark contrast, and LGBT rights is one of them. Remember the anti-LGBT discrimination bill that passed the state legislature in 2014, which received national attention, almost cost us the Super Bowl, and a veto from Governor Brewer? My opponent voted yes.

Senator Dial has shown time and time again that he cannot be trusted to represent the values and priorities of our community, and his vote to discriminate against the LGBT community because of who they are is near the top of the list.

Arizona is one of 28 states without a non-discrimination law protecting the LGBT community. In Arizona, a couple can get married one weekend and fired from their job or kicked out of their apartment the next, with no law protecting them from discriminatory behavior.

Two more Senate seats, and passing an Employee Non-Discrimination Act is within reach. Donate today to help our campaign spread our message to LD18 voters.

I need your help in this fight. Full equality for our LGBT friends is within reach, but we need more legislators at the capitol to move our agenda forward. I hope to have your support.

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