My Commitment to this Campaign

The election is over a year away, but I wanted to give you an update on how the campaign is progressing.

We’re over a year away, and I am already knocking on doors, talking to voters in my community. I am holding events and fundraisers throughout the state, raising the dollars I’ll need to wage a competitive campaign.

Please donate today – I need your help!

I am working this hard, this early, because this race is crucial to turning our state around. We are two seats away from a tie in the Arizona State Senate, which means Democratic bills actually being heard and voted on. What a concept!

As the Democratic candidate in the most competitive Senate race in Arizona, I need your help.

Unlike most candidates, I don’t email you very often. This is important – every dollar raised matters in a race where I’ll be outspent by dark money groups and right-wing special interests.

Donate today – I need your help in taking back the State Senate.

Thank you for all your help thus far. This race is important, but I can’t do it by myself. Please consider a donation today.


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