My Opponent Turns His Back on Arizona Kids, Refuses to Vote on KidsCare Restoration

I've seen a lot in Arizona politics over the years. But I have never seen anything quite this brazen.

Tuesday night, during a series of votes, my opponent left the floor on a vote to restore KidsCare in Arizona - a federal program that provides health insurance coverage for lower income families. Restoring the program would cost our state NOTHING, and over 30,000 kids would benefit.

The amendment failed by one vote, 14-15. After walking out on his constituents and not voting, he returned several minutes later to vote for other bills, acting like nothing had happened.

This is wrong. And we can't let him get away with it - show your support today!

In the most competitive state senate race in Arizona, I need your help. With enough resources to take our message to voters across the district, we will win this race, and help restore health care coverage to those kids that need it.

I'm working harder than ever to win this race, but I can't do it without your help. Please consider a donation today.


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