One of the Strongest Starts for a First Time Legislative Candidate in Arizona History

Our campaign had an amazing 2015, and I wanted you to be one of the first people to hear the good news.

We raised over $35,000 in 2015, one of the highest opening totals for a first time legislative candidate in Arizona history. Thanks to many of you, we are well positioned to win this race and bring some bipartisanship back to the Arizona state capitol.

Continue our momentum today – show your support!

This is truly a grassroots campaign: we received over 260 individual contributions in 2015, with over 83% of them being $100 or less. This campaign isn’t funded by special interests or giant corporations – it’s funded by people like you, who care passionately about our state and believe it is going in the wrong direction.

Donate to our grassroots campaign today – every dollar helps!

I can’t do this without all of you, and am forever grateful for your support. I’m working hard every day to win this race, and will not stop until Election Day. Please consider a donation today to help us continue our efforts to reach more voters throughout Legislative District 18.

Thank you,


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