SB 9 Update from the Capitol 2018

Are we at week nine already? Time flies when you’re having fun at the state capitol!

I appreciate your support – please consider a contribution today as we get ready for the 2018 campaign. I’m already knocking on doors and working towards re-election – I need your help for what will be the most contested state senate race in Arizona!

A relatively light week last week, as we currently sit in the weird calm before the storm part of session where we aren’t quite ready to do final votes yet on House bills. Hundreds of House bills have passed committee and caucus, and now we’re waiting until they get to the Senate floor. We’ll start with the less controversial bills, and we’ll likely vote through most of those this week.

Even in committee hearings, I’m noticing that the number of super controversial bills has dropped, compared to last year. I think this is the result of it being an election year, with a combination of members not wanting to run more controversial pieces of legislation and also members quietly killing bills behind the scenes, knowing they don’t have the votes on the floor. We’re particularly good at this in the Senate (see last week’s update for more on that).

Yesterday in Commerce committee we heard yet another bill that goes after the voter approved Proposition 206, which passed in 2016. This is the second bill we’ve heard this session, and yet the latest in a line of bills going after things that received voter approval at the polls (some examples: the Independent Redistricting Commission, Clean Elections, the initiative process itself). This bill, HCR 2028, would go after the “presumption” protections for employees if they lose their job because they took a paid sick day off.

I voted no on HCR 2028, and also voted no on a bill that has received a lot of attention in my district, HB 2333, which deals with home-based businesses. This bill would further restrict cities and counties from regulating these businesses, and only allow them to regulate business activity in certain situations. This issue is particularly important to Tempe, where many short term rental properties have sprung up in recent years.

More updates:

One of my bills, SB 1296, is finally moving through the Senate after passing committee unanimously several weeks ago. It was heard in the Rules committee yesterday, and is being heard in our caucus meetings today. If all goes according to plan, it’ll go to the Senate floor tomorrow for a vote and then it’s on to the House. Progress!

We had a lot of meetings last week with groups at the capitol. One of the most important was Donate Life Day at the capitol on Thursday, where I met with representatives from Donate Life and toured their large “Donate Life Day” display on the Senate lawn. As someone who’s already committed to being an organ donor (with the license plate to prove it!), I always look forward to this day each year, and wear my Donate Life lapel pin to show it!


On Wednesday last week, the nerd in me got really excited, because the traveling C-SPAN bus came to visit the capitol! I hopped aboard and saw all of the technology on board and even gave a short interview about which issue was most important to me at the capitol (the correct answer was, of course, education!). I even took some pictures, and as you can see, I was pretty excited to be on board:


This past Saturday was a busy day on the campaign trail, with two public events and a couple hours of canvassing thrown in! We held a coffee event in Ahwatukee Saturday morning, and I had the opportunity to talk to over a dozen LD18 voters with some great 1-on-1 conversations about the issues important to them.

After that, it was knocking on doors in Chandler, where I ended up talking to several people I met on the trail two years ago!

Finally, we held a town hall at Changing Hands bookstore, where over two dozen people joined me to hear more about what I’m working on at the capitol. I also took questions on a broad spectrum of topics, with most of the questions tied around education funding and supporting our teachers.


Thank you for reading, and for your support – as always, the best way to show your support for the campaign is by helping us make sure we have the resources necessary to win again this November.


Yours in the fight,



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