Show your Support and Have your Donation MATCHED - This Week Only!

With a little over a year until Election Day, you know I'm hard at work talking to voters throughout my district and getting ready for a tough re-election contest in Arizona's most competitive district.

The Koch Brothers and Betsy DeVos are getting ready to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to defeat me - that's how important this senate seat is. I need your help, now more than ever - and this week is a perfect time to show your support.

A very generous donor has offered to MATCH every dollar that comes in through online donations THIS WEEK ONLY, up to $2,500. If we hit that goal, that's $5,000 that will help us get that much closer to our fundraising goal for 2017.

You know how hard we worked in 2016 to win this senate seat for the first time - we'll need to work twice as hard to defend it next year. I need your help - show your support today and have your donation DOUBLED!

I can't do this without your support - donate online by this Friday and have your donation matched dollar for dollar!

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