Statement on the Success of Prop 123

Prop 123 is a first step to funding education; Arizona’s State Legislature needs to take a second step

PHOENIX – Sean Bowie, candidate for State Senate in Legislative District 18, released the following statement in regards to the success of Prop 123:

“The success of Prop 123 shows that education is a priority for Arizonans. I agree with the majority of voters that investing in education is investing in our future.

“However, Prop 123 represents only a first step in strengthening education in Arizona. This simply settles the lawsuit over the money the state already owed our schools.

“The second step is to increase the baseline appropriation we give to education each year, and make this the legislature’s #1 budgetary priority. Unfortunately, the legislature passed on that opportunity earlier this year.

“This is personal for me. As a product of our community’s public schools, I have seen first-hand the impact the cuts have had on our children, our teachers, and our school districts. Nothing will change as long as career politicians like Jeff Dial continue to serve at the state capitol. The only way to truly enact change at the state capitol is to elect a bipartisan 15-15 State Senate, where all voices have a seat at the table and budgets cannot be approved simply on party lines. Winning this election gets us that much closer to that goal.

“Legislative District 18, the most moderate and competitive district in Arizona, wants its legislators to push for more investment in our schools. Given his voting record, Jeff Dial simply cannot be trusted to represent the values and the priorities of LD18. Unlike Senator Dial, I will only vote for budgets that strengthen our investment in our public schools, and make education priority number one.”

Legislative District 18 is comprised of Ahwatukee, south Tempe, west Chandler, and southwest Mesa. Bowie currently works as a Senior Planning Analyst in the Office of the University Provost at Arizona State University, and lives in Ahwatukee.

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