The Impact of Donald Trump Being on the Ballot this Fall on my Campaign

Republicans staying home. Moderates crossing over. Democrats energized and voting in record numbers.

With his resounding win in last night’s Arizona primary, Donald Trump is well on his way to becoming the Republican nominee for president.

Trump’s message and conduct won’t go over well in LD18 – my district is moderate, sensible, and doesn’t vote for extreme candidates. As the most competitive district in Arizona, we are a 50/50 district at the presidential level in a typical year, and this is certainly no typical year.

Trump on the ballot improves our chances of winning this campaign – donate today to show your support!

In 2014, in a bad year for Democrats, my district elected three of the four statewide Democratic candidates, including one by a thirteen point margin. Can you imagine how well our district will do with a candidate like Donald Trump on the ballot?

Add all of this together, and you have the perfect storm for down ballot candidates like me to win our campaigns. This race is absolutely winnable without Trump on the ballot – but with Trump leading the Republican ticket? Our chances improve instantly, and it makes the fight for a 15/15 Arizona State Senate that much more winnable.

This is the best chance we have ever had to win this seat, and I need your help today to get our message out to voters. Please consider a donation today!

Everything changes in Arizona politics if we win this race and one more Senate seat this November, and I need your help to get there. Please consider supporting our campaign today.


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