Why I'm Exploring A Run for State Senate

My family and I first moved to Legislative District 18 when I was ten years old. Drawn to good schools and a quality way of life, our family has called the district home ever since.

Like you, I am angry about the direction our legislature has taken our great state. Career politicians and extreme partisanship have led to devastating cuts to our schools, giveaways to special interests, and a reckless focus on social issues at the expense of our economy and our state’s future.

I am exploring a run for the Arizona State Senate because the values and issues most important to you and to me are not being represented at the Capitol today.

My opponent does not share our priorities. Instead of investing in our K-12 schools, protecting our universities, and promoting inclusiveness and transparency, he voted to cut our investment in education, to discriminate against our LGBT friends, and to promote giveaways to special interests.

My priorities are different. Like you, I value above all investing in our community through good public schools, strong universities, and a growing economy. As your state senator, I will fight to restore the cuts to our schools, support and grow our state universities, and stop the attacks on women’s health and our LGBT community.

I will bring a unique set of skills to the legislature. As a long-time policy professional at the local, state, and federal level, I am ready to serve as your senator on day one. As a planning and budgetary analyst at ASU, I have the expertise and knowledge to handle complex policy issues, especially education. And as a product of our local public schools, I bring the personal experience and passion that our community deserves.

Legislative District 18 is the most moderate, competitive district in the state of Arizona. I would not be exploring this race if I did not think it was winnable; given our community’s moderate history, I know that we can win this seat and advance the priorities that we care about so much.

With eighteen months of tireless work, and with your support, we can restore good government and help take our state back. We need three more state Senate seats to flip the chamber and have a voice at the Capitol again, and none is more winnable than this one. I ask for your help in this fight.

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